Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Silly Leonidas Video - YOU WILL GIGGLE!!

Do any of my bloggy friends out there have a dog whose favorite toy is a laser pointer? I have heard of cats chasing around a laser pointer but until we got Leonidas, I had NEVER seen a dog do it. I will swear by it though, it is Leonidas' FAVORITE toy! If he hears the little chain jingle when I go to pick it up he starts looking for it! Not only will he follow this little laser light around, he will do the same thing with a flashlight outside! Lovahboy is the one who initially bought the laser light, not sure what he bought it for but it soon found its real use!

Can you tell by my voice that my allergies have been going CRAZY with this change in weather? Don't mind all of Leo's toys laying around, and if you do OH well! I'm a horrible housewife what can I say!

1 comment:

  1. Bahahaha! I can't wait to meet Leo! He looks like such a sweet and funny dog. I think Kimo is going to adore him. lol Kimo really wants to be one of the big dogs!