Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's YOUR Song?

It's that time again! Time for What's YOUR Song? link up with Goodnight Moon. Lately when I am driving in my car, this song ALWAYS manages to come on. As soon as I hear the first few notes my head starts swaying and I can't stop! I guess the song just gives me the "Moves Like Jagger". Do you have a song that does that for you?

Not to mention Adam Levine is pretty hot in this video!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Silly Leonidas Video - YOU WILL GIGGLE!!

Do any of my bloggy friends out there have a dog whose favorite toy is a laser pointer? I have heard of cats chasing around a laser pointer but until we got Leonidas, I had NEVER seen a dog do it. I will swear by it though, it is Leonidas' FAVORITE toy! If he hears the little chain jingle when I go to pick it up he starts looking for it! Not only will he follow this little laser light around, he will do the same thing with a flashlight outside! Lovahboy is the one who initially bought the laser light, not sure what he bought it for but it soon found its real use!

Can you tell by my voice that my allergies have been going CRAZY with this change in weather? Don't mind all of Leo's toys laying around, and if you do OH well! I'm a horrible housewife what can I say!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What a Wonderful Birthday...

After dating for three years, my Lovahboy has really got this whole present's thing down. Whether it be Birthday Presents, Just Because Presents, or Anniversary Presents! So being that my Birthday just passed not too long ago and I have been such a slacker I figured I would post a picture of the beautiful flowers and teddy bear that Mr. Lovahboy sent me! :)

Ain't that just too sweet! And might I add that it's never the same! Sometime's it flowers, another time it's a gift certificate to the spa, or even the complete seasons of one of my favorite shows... even if they are blackmarket... lol what do you expect from Afghanistan right?!

Either way, from thousands of miles away he melts my heart! I can't wait to have my Lovahboy home... even if it is just for 15 days!

Monday, October 3, 2011


WOOHOO! You read that right! I won a giveaway in my few months of blogging! What an awesome giveaway it was! The giveaway was hosted by Book Obsessed. The prize was from Easy Canvas Prints... and I won it!

So what did I win you ask? A sturdy and nicely made 8X10 Canvas Print of the photo of my choice! At first, I was having a hard time of deciding what photo to use. Since Lovahboy and I had a large canvas print made out of one of our Pre-Deployment pictures, I decided to go with one of my favorite pictures of our sweet boy Leonidas! Check it out!

This is on our wall, without a lamp near it's a little dark.

Moved to the couch where the light is better, it looks great! Colors are perfect!

Up close, you can see the sides. I chose to have a color wrap-around, but you can check out Book Obsessed, she chose a photo that would continue on the wrap-around.

The Easy Canvas Prints website was super easy to use! Shipping was fast, it was here three days earlier than expected! I will definitley be going back! I love the way canvas prints look and I am so thankful for being able to win this one!

I hope to work it over with the amazing Melissa from Easy Canvas Prints to host my very own FIRST giveaway! Would you be interested in winning an 8X10 Easy Canvas Print for the photo of YOUR choice?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I have SO much to blog about!

Since I have so much that I NEED to blog about I am going to start writing the blog post's tonight for the rest of the week! Since I have a little bit of time while I am doing laundry! Look forward to topics such as the AWESOME pillow I had made for my Lovahboy for our 6 month anniversary. I was going to ship it to him but he wants me to hold it til he comes home for R&R. The great giveaway prize that I won! It came in and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! The blog award that two of my FAVORITE bloggy friends gave me! Plus the usuals that I have been missing out on lately such as What's YOUR Song? and Milspouse Friday Fill-In.

Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday night!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Wednesday! There's a GREAT giveaway going on!!

Hello all you wonderful BLOGGERS!!

Skinnie Piggie is hosting a Birthday Giveaway PALOOZA for her 25th birthday! She has a pretty awesome giveaway prize today donated by Stacie! Go check out Skinnie Piggies blog to enter into the giveaway!! Just click on the button below!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BEWARE... this is a RANT post!

I don't normally blog about my Coast Guard life... but today I have to get somthing off my chest. If you join the military please understand that military ranking does NOT go by your age. In my case, I joined at the age of 19. This upcoming weekend I will have 5 years in the Coast Guard. Others wait to join later in their 20s which is absolutely 100 percent fine! I am all for it! However, what I am not for is someone who joined later in their 20s thinking that just because they are on the verge of 30, they don't have to respect someone who is younger than them but higher ranking. Now i'm not talking about Officers, I know it happens there too but I am talking about two enlisted people. Just because you are older and joined later does not mean that it takes away from the respect I earned by doing my time and making rank! You are just making yourself look like an ASS! Especially when you try to get someone even higher ranking involved and are blatantly disrespectful in front of them! Do you not cherish your evals? OR the reputation that you are giving off? Sheesh!! Ok ok, thats my rant for the day! It doesn't happen too often but I just had to get it off my chest!

I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday! Mine was pretty good other than the above rant. I got to talk to my hubs on FB chat for a few mins :) that's always a booster to my day! Now I am home and my sweet puppy and laying on top of my feet snoozing! Sigh What a great life I have! :)