Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What a Wonderful Birthday...

After dating for three years, my Lovahboy has really got this whole present's thing down. Whether it be Birthday Presents, Just Because Presents, or Anniversary Presents! So being that my Birthday just passed not too long ago and I have been such a slacker I figured I would post a picture of the beautiful flowers and teddy bear that Mr. Lovahboy sent me! :)

Ain't that just too sweet! And might I add that it's never the same! Sometime's it flowers, another time it's a gift certificate to the spa, or even the complete seasons of one of my favorite shows... even if they are blackmarket... lol what do you expect from Afghanistan right?!

Either way, from thousands of miles away he melts my heart! I can't wait to have my Lovahboy home... even if it is just for 15 days!

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  1. D'awww! That is so sweet. :) What a keeper! lol