Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BEWARE... this is a RANT post!

I don't normally blog about my Coast Guard life... but today I have to get somthing off my chest. If you join the military please understand that military ranking does NOT go by your age. In my case, I joined at the age of 19. This upcoming weekend I will have 5 years in the Coast Guard. Others wait to join later in their 20s which is absolutely 100 percent fine! I am all for it! However, what I am not for is someone who joined later in their 20s thinking that just because they are on the verge of 30, they don't have to respect someone who is younger than them but higher ranking. Now i'm not talking about Officers, I know it happens there too but I am talking about two enlisted people. Just because you are older and joined later does not mean that it takes away from the respect I earned by doing my time and making rank! You are just making yourself look like an ASS! Especially when you try to get someone even higher ranking involved and are blatantly disrespectful in front of them! Do you not cherish your evals? OR the reputation that you are giving off? Sheesh!! Ok ok, thats my rant for the day! It doesn't happen too often but I just had to get it off my chest!

I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday! Mine was pretty good other than the above rant. I got to talk to my hubs on FB chat for a few mins :) that's always a booster to my day! Now I am home and my sweet puppy and laying on top of my feet snoozing! Sigh What a great life I have! :)

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  1. Haha I have tried to write this comment probably 10 times but I keep hitting random buttons and deleting the whole thing haha. Okay, so lets try again, so far so good.

    I think you have every right to be upset. You obviously have more experience in the Coast Guard, let alone the fact that you outrank this loser. Smoke him and make him do push ups. LOL Can you do that? It sounds like this fool needs it. There are definitely people who abuse their rank, but that isn't what you're doing at all. You're doing your job, and you can't do your job correctly when there is someone undermining you. This guy seriously needs to show a little respect that while he was out probably drinking and getting high like most 19 year olds, you were working your butt off.

    This turned into a really long comment haha but yay for getting to talk to hubby! That makes everything better.