Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sewing Fail Number One...

Last weekend when I returned from North Carolina, I brought back my late Grandmother's sewing machine. I was getting a little tired of baking cakes in a jar to pass my time so I thought I would learn how to sew! This past week I went to a fabrics store and bought a VERY easy project to attempt, an apron. I say very easy because I didn't have to get the fabric or pattern or anything, the fabric had each pattern already on it, I just had to cut it out!

Why is the title of this post Sewing Fail Number One? My first hiccup with my sewing project was winding the bobbin. Not so much winding the bobbin, I suceeded in winding the bobbin, however I had NO clue that there were different sizes of bobbin's when I purchased a set. Of course it was the wrong size! I had to run out to Wal-Mart this afternoon to grab the correct size, thank goodness for google or I wouldn't have ever figured it out! Since that hiccup though, I have done fairly well in my first sewing project! The apron is coming together nicely! I have stopped sewing for the evening, maybe I will pick it up tomorrow to finish the apron. I am already starting to think of what my next project will be! I think I am leaning towards oven mitts... since I do so much baking :).

On another note, I keep seeing these photos pop up all over the place of people "planking". I had to figure out what this whole craze is about. I still have no clue where it originated, but people are planking EVERYWHERE! I have done plank's in exercise classes and when working out my abs but not sure what the craze is about doing them in public to have your picture taken.


  1. I was gifted a brand new (and NICE) sewing machine nearly three years ago… it's still in its box, and I STILL have no idea how to use it. I'm jealous of your craftiness. How did you learn to use yours? Any websites or books I should check out? I don't know anyone in at least a 1,000 mile radius, so teaching myself will be the way to go. Thanks!

  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting! I did buy a sewing book that has photos, but I have yet to actually open it! I am teaching myself how to sew, with the help of youtube :). My mother told me about winding the bobbin, without that I would still be trying to figure out why in the world the machine wasn't sewing! The rest is just googling and looking for blogs that assist with sewing! It's pretty fun and actually passes quite a few hours, I love that I have picked it up while my Hubby is deployed!

  3. I have been sewing since I was 7; it's what my mother and I used to do together :) It's so much fun, but learning the machine is way harder than the actual sewing!! I would say find the nearest sewing shop to you and ask about classes! Usually they offer a beginners course and those are a huge help! One of my first quilt patters was a "split-rail fence" - it's great to start with! Also, start out buying pre-cut "kits" because cutting fabric stinks!!