Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I have been MIA... but I am back!

Hello all of my wonderful neighbors in the blogosphere! I have been missing in action for somewhere around a month.  I just havn't had the motivation for much of anything lately.  I guess you could say I just hit a low point during this deployment.  It is expected, I will have my ups and downs as the time goes on.  What have I been up to during my month hiatus? 

*Steps up on soapbox... taps mic and clears throat*

Well I was addicted to the Casey Anthony case, which ended today with a not guilty verdict on all charges except for providing false information to law enforcement officers times 4.  Now I don't want to start a big ole confrontation on my blog for sharing my opinions, so take my opinions as just that, an emotional opinion.  I mean no offense to anyone by my opinion.  I am not even a mother yet, but I don't understand how a mother can go 31 days with her daughter missing and not report it.  In my opinion I don't think if Cindy Anthony had not gone looking for Casey and pry the information about Caylee's "whereabouts" out of her, that Casey would have come forward on her own about Caylee's disappearance.  I think this is where it gets to me that the Jury found her not guilty on all accounts when pertaining to Caylee.  Not reporting that you 2 year old daughter has been missing for 31 days is child abuse to me.  If Cindy hadn't been a caring grandmother and gone to pry the information out, who is to say that it wouldn't have been 6 months before someone else noticed the lack of Caylee being around?  To me, that is CHILD ABUSE.  Sure the Defense won the case today, but going and celebrating a block from the courthouse where you are shown on national television drinking and jumping around in jubilation, come on... really?  There is a 2 year old little girl whose life was cut way short at the hands of someone, and that someone, we may never know who it was, why, how... I figured a little more tact would be used, but I guess I was wrong.

*Steps off Casey Anthony Soap Box*

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  1. Hugs! I'm sorry you're having a rough time. I will have days where I'm angry and done too. It sucks. Do you have a DOM? It's a snazzy excel spreadsheet that will show you in a pie chart and in months, days, hours and seconds how long they have been gone and how long until the end of the deployment. I really like being able to see a percentage. I just checked it and we are at 33.3% of the deployment done for R+R which got me really excited because that is a bigger chunk. Anyways, if you want I'll send you the spreadsheet so you can do your own.

    I so agree with the Casey Anthony stuff. I absolutely believe she did it, but I don't think the prosecution proved it legally. But, I was baffled about not even finding her guilty of child abuse. I mean, at the very least, wasn't their argument that she drown in the pool? (which I don't believe at all) How is being so negligent your child drowns while you don't watch her not child abuse? Or manslaughter?