Monday, August 8, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge

So not too long ago I attempted a 30 day picture challenge on facebook and failed pretty miserably lol. I saw this neat challenge on Liz's blog The Optimistic Army Wife. She found it on another blog who found it on another and the list goes on and on :).  So today I am starting with 10 secrets...

10. My husband's first deployment... I calculated that I slept approximately 3 months of the 7 month deployment away... sad, I know!

09. I am NOT a very good housewife. I have never been the one to keep a constantly clean house. My house right now is pretty horrible!

08. When I was younger I was a girly girl, I have changed quite a bit as I grew. I don't mind getting dirty as much as I did when I was younger and that amazes my mother!

07. My husband and I have a few baby names picked out for when we decide to try and have a baby, we are going to keep those pretty quiet until that time comes though.

06. I cried LOTS in bootcamp... it was a very miserable time for me that I look back on now and laugh about. I think my Company Commanders just enjoyed picking on me.

05. In the Coast Guard, you don't have to qualify with a weapon... however you have to still attempt it in bootcamp, and if you don't qualify, they definitley get on your case about it. Who has two thumbs and shot a big fat ZERO her first attempt at qualifying in bootcamp? THIS GIRL!

04. My furbaby is my child! He is spoiled plain rotten and definitley a mama's boy!

03. I constantly give my hubby a hard-time about being from Cali. Hey, I am a Carolina girl, the South is the only way. In all fairness, he is constantly telling me the West Coast is the Best Coast... yeah right!

02. Before my hubby and I met, I always wanted to name my first son Liam... I never realized that my future husband would go by the name Liam.

01. Hmm... I guess my biggest secret that I have ALWAYS been embarassed about is that I sucked my thumb when I went to sleep until early 2010. I had been doing it since I was around 3 years old and could never break it. Thanks to surgery to widen my palate and having a metal mechanism in the roof of my mouth for months and months, I was able to finally break the habit and havn't had the urge since. (Yes, if you calculate that, I was 22 before I kicked the habit and Yes, I am expecting for you all to laugh at this secret!
 : P)

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  1. I am so impressed that you went through bootcamp. I would cry and cry and cry too! It looks so hard! And I love your last one! lol Soo if it makes you feel better, I may or may not occasionally still sleep with my blankie at night.... lol