Saturday, August 27, 2011

Riding out the Hurricane with Chili Recipes

The Hurricane is here! I still have power... for now. I spent most of the morning/afternoon in the kitchen cooking! I figured if i have to stay inside all day because of the weather and I am in the mood to cook, why not! I ended up making a yummy pot of hearty beef chili and a yummy pot of creamy white chicken chili! I ate a bowl of the white chili for dinner and froze the rest in ball freezer jars for days when I don't feel like cooking. I froze 5 jars of white chili and 7 jars of beef chili! Thats quite a few meals for little ol' me! I did lose power for maybe an hour or so around 4pm today. I wasn't prepared... so I went to the local wal-mart to see if they had any flashlights... they were wiped out... all but this little head light contraption. I bought it! When I returned home, my power was back on! :)

My family in North Carolina isn't faring as well as I am though. My mom has been without power since around 8am. She is there by herself, which makes me sad, wish I was there with her! She watched two trees fall down on our horse pen, at least one across the fence, she doesn't think the horses will try and escape because it fell along the wooded area so they won't be able to see what they are getting into... lets hope they stay in! 

I hope everyone else on the East Coast isn't doing too bad in the storm! Leonidas and I are sending out our best wishes to everyone!

My Chili recipes will follow in another post!

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