Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wha'ts YOUR Song?

It's time for the Thursday "What's YOUR Song" link up again! Go ahead over to Goodnight Moon and join in! This week has been pretty crazy with an earthquake at the beginning of the week and now a hurricane expected over the weekend. So my song this week pays tribute to the latter... plus I am always a fan of rocking out to some 80s tunes!

I hope the hurricane doesn't rock us too much this weekend though we could all use it's rain!


  1. Love the song, totally fits the occasion! I hope you guys stay safe and stay dry!!

  2. I love this song! The Scorpions are awesome! Hope the hurricane won't be too bad for you! Followed you from hop!

  3. Very fitting song for the occasion! I've heard that song many times before but I never knew who preformed it.