Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Missed the Earthquake Thanks to the Orthodontist!

Whew! What a crazy day it has been! I finally had an orthodontist appointment today after two months of not having one because of my old orthodontist PCSing. I showed up an hour early because I got the time of my appointment wrong. I think that was just God looking out for me a little bit. Why do you ask? Because if I had been in my office at my desk when the Earthquake occurred, I probably would have had a heartattack. Mostly everyone that knows me knows that I have a huge fear of being stationed in the DC area in the event of another terrorist attack and that is exactly what I am sure I would have thought it was! But instead I had just left my orthodontist appointment in Bethesda, MD. I was driving and attempting to call my mom and my boss at work to let them know of the information that I had received at my appointment about surgery timing. But my phone wouldn't call out. I figured it was just my phone being stupid so I turned it off and restarted it... still nothing. I looked on FB and everyone and their brother were posting about an Earthquake... in NoVA! I didn't feel a thing driving in my jeep! Thank Goodness! I was lucky enough to be able to talk to my hubby on FB while all of that was going on! Him being from the West Coast reassured me that even if I were home to feel any aftershocks that everything would be ok... I love him :). The news is on now and just reported that the Washington Monument in DC will remain closed because there is a visible crack in the top of the monument! Wow! The videos that I have seen of the Earthquake is shocking!! Looks like the area that I work in was hit pretty hard. My work was evacuated and I guess a pipe busted in the building due to the quake. Just unbelievable! So thankful that there have been no serious injuries!

On another note... so happy to have finally been able to go to the Orthodontist. I have been set back a little because I was unable to make an appointment for the last two months, surgery has been pushed out for a few more months... just lovely! Surgery and recovery will probably keep me from enjoying yummy Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Still not knowing when Hubby's R&R is, I have a feeling that recovery will probably put a damper on that too :( just my luck! I have the greatest Hubby though, he reassured me that either way he just wants to spend time with me... even if I can't really talk due to having my jaw wired shut! I am sure he will enjoy some nice peace and quiet during R&R if that is the case lol every man's dream right? lol ;)


  1. I was in an earthquake last fall in Washington state and THANK GOODNESS I was in my car as well and didn't feel a thing. Because, I would have been crying, and not knowing what was going on and it would have been a big ole mess. Yay for cars. Sorry your surgery got pushed back, that's a bummer. But, your comment about your hubby getting some peace and quiet made me laugh out loud! I can't wait for you to get your mystery R&R!

  2. Of course, being in California for the past 10 years I've gotten very used to earthquakes and of course we were all making fun of everyone on the east coast for freaking out. hahah.

    I'm sorry about your surgery being moved, that sucks!! Especially the whole not enjoying the food part, I'd die!
    Can't wait for you to have your hubby home on r&r!