Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day Three - Eight Fears

So today is day three in the 10 Day Challenge of You. Day three hightlights eight of my fears... These are in no particular order!

8. I fear house fires! Especially living in a Townhouse that is connected to 6 other townhouses... so even if it isn't my house that starts the fire, somthing could go wrong in my neighbors house and still catch my house.

7. Getting into a car wreck! Being in a big city, this scares me tremedously! I am a small town girl and these drivers up here don't care one bit where you are going or what and who you have in your car! They will cut you off and flip you the bird at the same time! My road rage has severly increased up here. I can't wait to go to a new place where hopefully I won't have to deal with so many crazy drivers and so much traffic!

6. Somthing happening to my family with me being so far away... I am very close with my whole family!

This picture is missing quite a few people... I say we need to do some family photos!

5. My sweet Leonidas getting sick or injured! I would pay ANY amount of money to do anything to help my sweet healthy boy! He wasn't so healthy when we first got him and I don't ever want to see him in that shape again!

Who couldn't fall in love with this sweet boy?

4. Getting in trouble for any reason whatsoever! I have always been a paranoid person when it comes to this, I have a fear of getting in trouble. I don't understand how people can put themselves in position to get in trouble over and over again, especially at work! If I ever had to get masted and lose rank I think I would just DIE!

From a 2nd Class Petty Officer

To a 3rd Class Petty Officer

To NO collar device! YIKES!

3. The idea of not being able to concieve when my Husband and I are ready to try having a baby. I have read so many other wonderful ladies blogs that are going through this right now. My heart goes out to them! I pray that they will each recieve the joy of becoming pregnant and having a healthy baby soon!!

2. Being in the Washington, DC area during another attack on the United States. With so many military bases and significant monuments and buildings in the area, it scares me a little living here and knowing that terrorists are constantly plotting against the US.

1. My number one and largest fear is my wonderful, sweet, amazing, sexy Husband not coming home safe from the war.

I love you baby! You are my everything!

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